Dallas, TX, Nov. 6th, 2020 – The news Charles Hayes received from his doctors Last month terrified him and he’s feared for his life ever since. The inferior vena cava filter (IVC filter) implanted in his body after a 2009 car accident perforated the largest vein in his body and needs to be removed as soon as possible. Every day the device remains in his chest, just below his heart, it could fracture, puncture an organ, causing serious injury or even kill him.

“I’m terrified,” said the 44 year-old father of 6, who is waiting for his insurance provider to approve the surgical procedure needed to remove the spider-like device. “When they implanted the filter after my car accident, I was never told there was any risk and I actually thought the filter might save my life by preventing blood clots from travelling to my heart. Honestly, I’m not worried about blood clots anymore. I’m worried about the filter killing me!”

Every year, hundreds of thousands of hospital patients, often the victims of recent traumatic injury, are surgically implanted with IVC filters. The filter are supposed to be removed by doctors within three months when a patient is no longer at risk of suffering from a potentially-fatal blood clot. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of patients (2/3), the device is never removed.

The result: IVC filters left in the bodies of former blood clot patients for months or years beyond the recommended time frame have been failing at an alarming rate - the filters are literally falling apart in the patient's body. Recent studies, supported by a warning from the FDA, have linked failing IVC filters to 27 deaths and hundreds of serious injuries. According to different reports, some of the deaths occurred when the metal legs of the filter broke apart and entered the patient's heart.

Incredibly, patient surveys found that for most patients, including Charles Hayes, were never warned about the risk of injury or death if an IVC filter is not removed within a certain period of time. In fact, Hayes says that the doctor who implanted his filter told him the device was safe and could remain in his body permanently. Because no warnings were issued by doctors of IVC filter manufacturers over the last 10 years that IVC filters have been implanted at hospitals throughout the US, there are an estimated 1.5 million former blood-clot patients in the US who currently have IVC filters in their bodies that should have been removed long ago. In Texas, this equates to as many as 125,000 people who still have the faulty medical devices in their bodies, most not realizing that their health and lives are in jeopardy if the filter fail and break apart.

The two major IVC filter manufacturers facing a storm of criticism are Cook Medical and C.R. Bard. “One allegation is that because there have been improper warnings, hundreds of thousands of patients over the last 10 years have agreed to have these potentially-fatal devices implanted in their bodies,” said Hayes’s attorney Ben Martin. “If people had known the risk, would they have agreed to have these scary looking devices placed in their bodies? Absolutely not!” Martin then points to a 2012 study that found certain Cook filters perforated the vena cava an astounding 86% of the time within 71 days after implantation. After that, the filters had shown tendencies of perforating the major blood vessel – 100% of the time.

“Right now, there are thousands of people in Texas who had these devices implanted years ago. Generally, doctors should have removed them within a few months, once the patient’s risk of blood clots has subsided. But it appears many didn’t,” said Martin.

While Hayes waits for his surgery, he encourages every Texan who has a filter in their body to see their doctor immediately, even if they feel they’re in good health, especially patients who may have had a filter installed years ago. “Until I have my surgery to remove this thing from my body, I’ll continue to have nightmares because I know it can break apart anytime and kill me,” said Hayes. “I want it removed before it causes any serious problems. I hope I get it out in time and I hope the same for everyone else who has an IVC filter in their chest.”

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